Pet Rescue Saga for PC Download – Mac & Windows 8/7/8.1

The guide is here to download Pet Rescue Saga for PC on Windows.

Candy Crush Saga’s new presentation for all crazy game lovers is Pet Rescue Saga. You all might have enjoyed Candy Crush on your androids and that too for hours. I am saying you this because I did this too, I am simply a hard core game lover and have played this game continuously for hours, trust me.

I am totally fond of those colorful candies and matching them all around and when the level exceeds it becomes more exciting and challenging. Pet Rescue Saga is the new addictive game and I had same expectation with it and it proved itself worth it and today I am guiding with the Pet Rescue Saga for PC Download.

Pet Rescue Saga

This game is based on a rescue theme as you can get that from the title itself. Some naive cute dogs are being kidnapped by evil kidnappers and had been locked in secret cages, your job is to find and rescue them that means you will be acting as saviors.

Let’s begin with the features of Pet Rescue Saga-

  1. This game starts with vibrant and colorful blocks with diverse colors. You have to match two or more similar colors and you will be closer to rescue your pets.
  2. Minimum moves and bingo. Mind boggling graphics and visual effects which create a terrific ambience.
  3. Totally free but some items are purchasable which depends on you. Bonuses and rewards are aligned you just have to clear levels and grab them.
  4. Varieties of cute puppies, bunnies etc. Complexity increases as level exceeds.
  5. You can share your rewards on social sites as well and can compare them with your friends. You can play with your friends and can bet them too. Can be downloaded on any Android phone easily, for this you just need Google Play store.

Pet Rescue Saga for PC Download (Mac & Windows)

You might have played games on your android phones earlier and had wished for a solution by which these games can be played on larger screens, so my friend here I am with the solution to your problem related to the downloads.

Pet Rescue Saga for PC Download

Get ready few simple steps and you get your game downloaded with ease on your PC whether it is Mac or Windows.

  1. First of all, all you need is BlueStacks android emulator and for this just go for its authenticated website. (its free )
  2. Now run the exe. File after its download. This will take few minutes as files get downloaded via BlueStacks.
  3. As soon as you complete its installation add your Google account to it and you are all set for next step.
  4. Search Pet Rescue Saga in the search bar and click on the install button. Once you install rest all will be done by BlueStacks emulator automatically.
  5. You can search all your downloaded games in My Apps Folder. So search games there and enjoy them.

That’s it! I hope you’re done with everything I mentioned here comfortably.

I really think that this guide on Pert Rescue Saga for PC Download is very great.

Download & Install Skype For PC Free

Hello friends, Now I am going to tell that how it is simple to free download Skype for PC or Computer.

To begin with, I would like to make you clear that this is not official system or one can’t download Skype for PC formally, in-fact this can be unofficial approach. But you can easily use Skype on PC with the process given in this post so keep on reading.


Introduction Skype for Computer or PC

I think we all here are mindful of Skype Messenger that’s Mobile Social Networking App. Skype for PC is one of Nokia Symbian too as the best messaging application available for Windows Phone, Android, iPhone but the sad thing is it is unavailable for Computer.

One can send free text messages, voice and maybe even video messages with this app. Those are some of the thing that is required and fundamental that’s really desired but apart from those functions, Skype allows you to send free chat stickers and more.

Now I gave you every possible detail about out this app and today you may ask me that how you can free download Skype for Windows and Mac Computer or PC? Fine! I ‘ll not squander your time that is much and will give you step by step tutorial now itself, but before that only few things which I need to make you aware of.

Download Skype for Computer Free or PC

As I said above that Skype is not formally available for Computer OS like Mac and Windows but one can easily use it with the help of Android Emulator namely Bluestacks.

Skype for pc

Bluestacks is one of the best and free Android Emulator software accessible the marketplace. Though there are many other paid Emulator available and free but this one is bit easy to use and understand.

So today we’re basically going to use with the aid of that only will be using Skype on PC and Bluestacks App Player.

Note : Please follow each if you skip any measure then I worry that you will not have the ability to use this Android App into your computer system out, and very steps that is given below in order to download Skype for PC free.

  • To begin with, download Bluestacks from here
  • In Search bar, type “Skype”
  • You may see the official Skype App.
  • Click on it, download and install it

That’s it you are now using Skype for PC but there is still one important thing remaining to do, that’s, sync your contacts that are previous. So now I could say that you’re capable of using your Social App with full possibility. Isn’t it?

Also buddies, please stay upgraded with us as we are going to post some really cool stuffs in future on

How to Download Clumsy Bird for PC or Windows 7/8

Clumsy Bird is kind of actual alternative to Flappy Bird and since the end of the Flappy Bird, it has got viral among Android users. Clumsy Bird is there on the Google Play shop at no cost and using the guide here you can download Clumsy Fowl for PC as well.

The game isn’t that good as of Flappy Bird was but it better than the other choices available on the store. Inept Bird got one unique attribute of which I’ll talk in its attributes due to the characteristic and part it’s becoming too much popular.

Clumsy Bird

Clumsy Bird game attributes

As I already said the game is available for free and this specific part of the guide will let you know the options that come with Clumsy Fowl Android game which are as following.

The case is on. Character in the game is a tired bird named ungainly bird which is attempting to fly through a really tense manner. The manner is cutted between pair of trees making a really narrow passing. You should make the fowl pass.

Then that gives you one point when you pass just one tree pair and you must go as far as you can without touching anything while flying. If anything touch then that will function as the end of the game.

You need to command only one thing i.e. flying of fowl and that too by simply tapping on the display.

Sound effects and graphics are perfect and there are no problems with them. It’s the game play that is making it quite addictive and popular although in fact this game can play well on low end Android devices as well which reveals that game is not that big in size.

In beginning of this guide which I’m sharing I was talking about an unique feature of Bungling Bird. Yes, more or two of your friends can join the game server and you all can begin playing Clumsy Bird jointly in your Android devices. Yes, it is possible to join the server out of your PC at the same time.

The game play is easy, interesting but it’s tough to master because you’ll have the ability to set only 10 or 20 score that is high in starting and that too after trying the game for at least an hour. You have to just touch the display to make that fowl fly which is about to move every second down.

Download Clumsy Bird for PC

Clumsy Bird game

  • First download BlueStacks on your Windows PC and install it by following its easy setup instructions.
  • Start BlueStacks and start using its search tool to locate Clumsy Bird game.
  • Download and install the game once you got it.

This is all you have to get Clumsy Bird download for PC after which you’ll be able to play it on.

How to Download Line For PC Free

Line is the second app that has got the greatest variety of users after WhatsApp only all over the world. The extra security features offered by the Line app over WhatsApp is the reason users leaving WhatsApp and are switching to it.

Recently WhatsApp and due to some server difficulties were purchased by Facebook, WhatsApp wasn’t operating for 3 hours.


About Line App

The demand to search for number one messaging app is still growing but now users have found the alternative that is better as Line app. It doesn’t project any ads and it looks like WhatsApp. Line is the reason users found it more easy to switch.

Line got perfect and easiest user interface. It seems very refined like WhatsApp. They’re sticking to it due to the extra security features offered to them although most of the users who recently began using Line are calling it as WhatsApp clone.

Line provides extra security features which aren’t there in WhatsApp yet. It offers Chats that are Secret feature using which it is possible to appreciate using end-to-end encryption feature that simply means the messages you send except you and the receiver can not be read by any other man.

Exactly the same feature is made available from Messages app on the iOS devices. The normal messages can be done which works with seclusion attribute that was standard but for those people who are interested in extra privacy subsequently start chatting over Secret Chats attribute.

Many times it occur that WhatsApp or every other messaging app we’re using when it is reinstalled by us then all our preceding messages and information is lost and gets uninstalled. This was the major problem users but they were offered the alternative by Line by providing cloud storage.

The Line offers fastest message delivery and is 100% free to use. It do offer group chatting and sharing which is another popular feature of current century messaging apps.

Yes you may even share photos, videos, place, voice notes and few other files within the conversation window. It also got heaps of graphical smileys, emoticons and amusing stickers which further increase the messaging experience.

Line for pc

Download Line For PC

You need to follow the steps mentioned below here using which you are able to download Line for PC. It is possible to use Line from PC online at no cost once it’s installed then.

  • Begin use its search tool to find Line app and BlueStacks.
  • Download and install the app once you located it.

This really is all you have to do to get Line download for PC.

Talking Angela For PC – Download Free

Desire to play Flappy Tom after playing Inept Fowl and Flappy Bird? I’m not as now you can play flappy tom on PC or on all of your Android device kidding. The app of the day here is a guide that will allow you to download Talking Angela for PC and is Talking Angela.

You can find loads of improvements this new Discussing Tom app has got over all other and I’m fairly sure you’re going to love this app entirely. It’s better than all of its previous variants.

Talking Angela

Talking Angela Attributes

Talking Angela can be obtained on the Google Play store free of charge and it got lots of unique attributes to speak about. As the name indicates, the tom is your personalized one.

Discussing Angela means the tom is now yours. He’s your pet that is personal and you’re able to get him do anything which you’re capable to do before. This pet is yours, you can alter his attire and do lots of things with it.

Where you are able to see toms of your pals you are able to join the game server,. Yes, this can be the reason why the tom you’re seeing in the game is your personal. You’ll be able to visit residence of your pals and met with interact with them, their tom.

This really is where the pleasure of using Talking Angela app becomes only double. Sound effects, the images and overall user experience of Talking Angela is brilliant and there are not any functionality interims in the app.

You’re about to embrace a new baby tom when you begin playing this game. Then you certainly have to feed him, take care of him and see him growing into an adult one. That is another good and exceptional attribute of the app.

Emotions your tom can express are funny and many too. You may even make your tom shout for food but makes sure you make him sleep regular otherwise he will become week. After you like he can talk o you and can repeat,.

As I mentioned in beginning that you and flappy tom can play with in this app and it ’s true. Talking Angela app has got in assembled trendy mini games featuring your little pet.

Flappy Tom is one of those games that you simply can play and share your high score with your social network pals. This unique attribute makes the app perfect for passing time that is boring and totally wonderful.

Download Talking Angela for PC

Talking Angela
Talking Angela
  • Start downloading BlueStacks applications from here. Its setup takes few minutes and is straightforward.
  • Start begin searching for Talking Angela app using its search tool and BlueStacks.
  • Download once you got it in the search results and install the app.
  • Once it’s installed then it can be accessed by you through My Programs segment of BlueStacks.