How to Download Clumsy Bird for PC or Windows 7/8

Clumsy Bird is kind of actual alternative to Flappy Bird and since the end of the Flappy Bird, it has got viral among Android users. Clumsy Bird is there on the Google Play shop at no cost and using the guide here you can download Clumsy Fowl for PC as well.

The game isn’t that good as of Flappy Bird was but it better than the other choices available on the store. Inept Bird got one unique attribute of which I’ll talk in its attributes due to the characteristic and part it’s becoming too much popular.

Clumsy Bird

Clumsy Bird game attributes

As I already said the game is available for free and this specific part of the guide will let you know the options that come with Clumsy Fowl Android game which are as following.

The case is on. Character in the game is a tired bird named ungainly bird which is attempting to fly through a really tense manner. The manner is cutted between pair of trees making a really narrow passing. You should make the fowl pass.

Then that gives you one point when you pass just one tree pair and you must go as far as you can without touching anything while flying. If anything touch then that will function as the end of the game.

You need to command only one thing i.e. flying of fowl and that too by simply tapping on the display.

Sound effects and graphics are perfect and there are no problems with them. It’s the game play that is making it quite addictive and popular although in fact this game can play well on low end Android devices as well which reveals that game is not that big in size.

In beginning of this guide which I’m sharing I was talking about an unique feature of Bungling Bird. Yes, more or two of your friends can join the game server and you all can begin playing Clumsy Bird jointly in your Android devices. Yes, it is possible to join the server out of your PC at the same time.

The game play is easy, interesting but it’s tough to master because you’ll have the ability to set only 10 or 20 score that is high in starting and that too after trying the game for at least an hour. You have to just touch the display to make that fowl fly which is about to move every second down.

Download Clumsy Bird for PC

Clumsy Bird game

  • First download BlueStacks on your Windows PC and install it by following its easy setup instructions.
  • Start BlueStacks and start using its search tool to locate Clumsy Bird game.
  • Download and install the game once you got it.

This is all you have to get Clumsy Bird download for PC after which you’ll be able to play it on.

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