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With meteoric rise of smartphones and Android platform, programmers are flocking to the platform for creating games and apps alike. Frogmind has undertook such an enterprise to create (port from IOS) its marquee game, “Braid” for Android.

Yet, these games are never released even if there’s interest as the technologies broadly differs. Bluestacks however is an Android emulator that lets you run games and all apps available from Google PlayStore and hence you can appreciate Braid for PC.

The levels are carefully crafted with parallax movement, giving a sensation of depth to an otherwise 2D game. The foes are mainly the environment itself and hence the game is a survival game. There aren’t any tutorials nevertheless available and hence you must go depending on a trial and hit basis.

As levels progress, they become more difficult where you are required to command a swarm of these each moving independently, through various hurdles.

The degrees demand awareness of complete and aren’t persistent. The artwork involves dark ink based bodies on the foreground with pictorial scenery in the rear adding to the contrast.


Braid – The GamePlay

Controls are very easy, the birds moves forward and the spigot, more they move and more upward. First few levels help you to get used to the exceptional physics established system followed in the game. The levels get progressively challenging.

There are dangers like whirling equipment that kill instantaneously and smaller artifacts that attach to the birds making their flight hard. There are numerous power uninterruptible power supply that can speed up, slow down, and cause them to become heavy or downy throughout the game.

Sound effects and the artwork create an immersive environment. The characters are not merely shapes but also reveal emotion as they close danger by “fear” and anxiety” that is “.

Braid – Getting It Up And Running

Using the BlueStacks emulator can makes braid for PC a reality. It can integrate with PlayStore and let you buy games and programs also. The procedure for then installing Braid and installing BlueStacks is reasonably easy and goes as follows:

Braid game

  • Set and your favorite language of choice.
  • Open it by typing it in the search subject and search.
  • Download from PlayStore and watch for it to install.
  • Move to “ search and My Apps” section for the icon and click on it
  • Play Braid for PC with your mouse and computer keyboard.

Braid is an excellent 2D masterpiece and BlueStacks makes it available to play on your own PC.

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