Download & Install Facebook Messenger for PC

Social networking sites are so popular these days that it has grown into a daily habit. Millions and no wonder millions of posts, photos and news are shared on these sites every minute.

One popular social networking site is Facebook and really, it needs no formal introduction. It was a simple website when it was started back in 2004 and gradually the interface has changed. A lot of features have been included to allow it to be a way better than it was.

Many people use the incorporated chat alternative in Facebook to swap messages. To make life easier the Facebook messenger was started some years back and now it’s among the often employed instant messaging app.

Facebook Messenger

The PC Version of Facebook Messenger

Facebook application is available on all platforms, and yes, that includes those simple Java empowered basic phones. But things are bit different when it comes to Facebook messenger. Active minimize, immediate notifications, etc. are some of the integral characteristics of this application so it’s accessible only on Symbian, iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

The Facebook messenger can be obtained solely in mobile platforms; consequently, it cannot be used in a PC directly. But there is a way. You merely need an emulator to use Facebook messenger in your PC. Yet, there are many emulators available, BlueStacks is the most secure of all.

Whatever You Should Understand About BlueStacks

Getting BlueStacks on your PC isn’t any big deal. Just follow the easy steps mentioned below:

  • Download BlueStacks on your PC. Precisely the same can be downloaded by you by clicking here!
  • Once you are done, simply install it on your own PC like every other software.
  • You happen to be almost there. The next thing would be to get Facebook messenger from the marketplace in BlueStacks.
  • Install it after you have downloaded the app and there you go.
  • You’re getting a notification message in the taskbar saying the successful setup and finally the delay is over. And obviously you need an active internet connection to use Facebook messenger.

Using Facebook Messenger in your PC

Facebook Messenger for pc

You’ll be surprised to see the exact same UI on your PC if you’re aware of the user interface of this messenger on Android smartphones then. Fill up the username and password for the first time to access your Facebook profile. You connect together and can see your friends once you might have logged into your profile.

Send them messages, share your images, and attach documents and videos instantly with this high-speed application. Select from numerous emoticons and decals. Using Facebook messenger has its own merits as you can view images and videos on a larger screen.

Never miss just one discussion with your family and friends with the instant chat notification out. It actually serves the purpose if you are trying to find a messenger to chat with your Facebook friends afterward.

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